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[Story] Who cut the Cherry tree
When George was about six years old, he was made the wealthy master of a hatchet of which, like most little boys, he was extremely fond. He went about chopping everything that came his way.One day, as he wandered about the garden amusing himself by hacking his mother's pea sticks, he found a beautif
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[Story] 诚信的中文故事
凡出演,信为先。 《弟子规》信,诚也。《说文》诸已之谓信。《孟子》信,言合于意也。《墨子经》信者,诚也。专一不移也。《白虎通·情性》定身以行事谓之信。《国语·晋语》期果言当谓之信。《贾子道术》民不求其所欲而得之谓之信。《礼记·经解》信誓旦旦。《诗·卫风·氓》反贼无信!吾不幸误中汝奸计也!《三国演义》牺牲玉帛,弗敢加也,必以信。《左传·曹刿论战》信而见疑。《史记·屈原贾生列传》孔子曰:人而无信,不知其可也. 孔子曰:诚者无常之本,百行之源也;信者无伪而已。言必信,行必果;一言九鼎,一诺千金人无信不立,国无信必衰
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[Story] Subject : Iron or Gold axe ?
ong ago, there lived a woodcutter in a small village. He was sincere in his work and very honest. Every day, he set out into the nearby forest to cut trees. He brought the woods back into the village and sold them out to a merchant and earn his money. He earned just about enough to make a living, bu
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[Story] 曾子杀猪
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[Story] 烽火戏诸侯
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[Story] 张仪毁约
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[Story] A lesson in faith - the charles blondin story
Author unknown The amazing story of Charles Blondin, a famous French tightrope walker, is a wonderful illustration of what true faith is. Blondin's greatest fame came on September 14, 1860, when he became the first person to cross a tightrope stretched 11,000 feet (over a quarter of a mile) across
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[Story] Ashley smith's faith
ASHLEY SMITH’S FAITH AND CALMNESS LED TO NICHOLS SURRENDERShe Believes God Brought Him to Her DoorBy Ginny Johnston/Associated Press/CNN - Special to ASSIST News ServiceATLANTA, GA (ANS) -- Ashley Smith, the women held hostage in her apartment by the Brian Nichols, the suspect Atlanta's courthouse k
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[Story] Honesty is The Best Policy
A milkman became very wealthy through dishonest means. He had to cross a river daily to reach the city where his customers lived. He mixed the water of the river generously with the milk that he sold for a good profit. One day he went around collecting the dues in order to celebrate the wedding of h
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[Story] The Length of the stick
rich merchant had many servants in his house. One day the merchant’s wife’s beloved necklace disappeared from her vault. Gradually precious things in the house started disappearing one by one. The merchant was troubled by the thief in his house. He suspected one of his many servants to be the thief
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